L'app Waze e Babbo Natale insieme agli automobilisti per le festività natalizie thumbnail

The Waze app and Santa join drivers for the holiday season

Wazefree navigation app, and Santa Claus have joined forces to lead the Italian motorists during the Christmas holidays.

A dedicated theme on the Waze app

Until January 3, Waze users will be able to download the new theme dedicated to Christmaspersonalizing your “Mood” and choosing from different icons, such as Santa Claus, a piece of coal or a gift.

Also it is possible change the pointer replacing it with the legendary gift sleigh of Santa Claus or with the modern C Wagon of Mrs. Claus.

Another gem is adding the voice of Santa Claus or Mrs. Claus, available in three languages: English, French and Spanish). But how to set up all these Christmas features?

Very simple: just select “my Waze” and click on “Ride with Santa Claus“.

Race for gifts together with Waze!

To complete the rush for gifts, especially last minute ones, Waze has thought of everything.

For example, just enter the place to reach and Waze will automatically recommend the departure time and ideal route, notifying when it’s time to start the engine.

With the option “Tell me when to leave“, the Waze app will notify motorists of traffic jams or road closures, suggesting an early departure or a change of route.

Also useful find the nearest and cheapest petrol or charging stations, comparing routes, prices and types of fuel. Furthermore, thanks to a collaboration between Waze and its community, it is possible to discover in advance the cost of toll roads even before you hit the road.

Finally, one of Waze’s most important features is the ability to report any unforeseen events during the journey in real time. In this way, a sort of word of mouth will be created for all users on the same route, avoiding hitches or traffic problems.

To make a report, the user must press the “Report” and choose what to report: traffic, accident, work in progress, obstacles, potholes or stationary vehicle.

For more information on using Waze, visit waze.com.

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