The Waze app is beta testing dangerous road warnings

L'app Waze sta testando in beta gli avvisi sulle strade pericolose thumbnail

One of the synonyms of freedom are certainly travel by car, but there are many unknown factors, for this reason Waze started to test alerts for motorists on dangerous roads.

The Waze beta that should issue warnings about dangerous roads

According to what was reported by the Israeli site GeekTime, Waze has begun testing warnings relating to dangerous roads or “red streets“, or points where you are More accidents than normal occurred.

Everything is still in a testing phase and to issue warnings the app would have relied on Android Police.

The intent is certainly noble and marks a watershed for what navigation apps have been up to now: the hope of a significant decrease in car accidents, which often lead to fatal crashes.

At the moment, it seems that the app is set not to report dangerous events on the roads that are frequented every day. This is probably due to the fact that motorists already know the route perfectly and are equally aware of any dangers.

Conversely, for unexplored roadsthe app should notify you just once signaling before taking what is signaled as a “red road”. The decision to notify the warning only once could be due to the desire to avoid a real bombing, which could distract from driving.

However it seems to be possible deactivate such notifications thanks to a new and specific category. To do this, simply follow the following path: my Waze – settings – warnings and reports – road accident history.

Being still in the testing phase, we still don’t know when Waze will make this certainly very useful feature public to all users, nor if it will undergo some changes during construction. However we cannot fail to share the hopes of the developers, hoping for a drive carefully and to one decrease in road accidents thanks to the signaling of the red roads.