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Naughty Dog: The next title will be written by multiple writers

It seems that several writers will contribute to the next Naughty Dog title. Let’s find out the details in this news

According to statements made by Neil Druckmann, which emerged online in the last few hours, the next Naughty Dog title will be written in collaboration with a team of screenwriters. The co-president of the American software house, which recently released the long-awaited The Last Of Us Part 1 Remake (find our review on this link), did not go too far about the new work in the pipeline, but knowing the level of quality that the team is able to achieve, it is understandable how the fans are intrepidly waiting to learn more.

A team of writers working on the next title of Naughty Dog

In a recent interview for the US newspaper The New Yorker, Neil Druckmann released some small previews regarding the new game currently in the works at the software house that authored, among other things, the Uncharted and The Last Of Us series. In fact, Naughty Dog would be working in collaboration with a real team of screenwriters to write the plot of the next title, which, again according to what was stated, should be structured in a similar way to a TV series.

Naughty Dog: The next title will be written by multiple writers

Druckmann himself recently collaborated in the creation of the TV series dedicated to The Last Of Us, arriving soon, and therefore this experience may have brought new ideas for future works. We still don’t know if the new work of the software house will be the return of a known saga or a new IP. We just have to wait with trepidation for an official announcement.

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