The Wheel of Time: the prequel film in the works

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The series the Wheel of Time will have an animated prequel film. Entitled The White Tower; here are all the details of the processing revealed by iwot Productions and Squeeze Studios

After the official confirmation of the second season of the Fantasy series, The Wheel of Time; the iwot Productions e Squeeze Studioshave exclusively revealed, in the making an animated prequel film The Wheel of Time, titled The White Tower. The new film is based on the original short story by Zach Stentz (formerly known to be the creator of Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous, and the screenwriter of X-Men: First Class e Thor). A female story about the power and strength of Aes Sedai women, the only ones able to channel the One Power.

The Wheel of Time: Zach Stentz reveals the prequel The White Tower

still in progress, The White Tower at the moment it does not have a plot or a possible official cast. According to external sources; The animated prequel will have no tie-ins of distribution with the series The Wheel of Time (present on the Prime Video platform). Produced by Rick Selvage e Larry Mondragon the iowot productions; and da Zack Stentz Of Electric Brain Entertainment; here are the revelations of Zach Stentz regarding the animated prequel:

From an early age and for life I am a fan of the world created by Robert Jordan. In particular The White Tower, which shows the mysterious brotherhood of Aes Sedai women as a residence, school and fortress. A dream came true when I was given the opportunity to create a new story that takes place in an iconic setting. It will be instantly familiar to Jordan fans everywhere.

Based on the fantasy novel series of the same name by Robert Jordan e Brandon Sanderson; The Wheel of Time is a Fantasy series that moves its story in a post-apocalyptic world. Set in a world split in half; magic centered on earth, can only be used by women.

Qui si svela protagonista Moiraine (interpretata da una magnetica Rosamund Pike) busy finding out which of her followers is the Dragon Reborn capable of facing a great threat. Leading a group of women only; Moiraine will have the daunting task of leading a dangerous mission around the divided world.

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