The Witcher 4: will Ciri be the protagonist?

The Witcher 4 Ciri

CD Projekt Red surprised everyone yesterday evening, when he surprisingly announced the new chapter of The Witcher series, that is The Witcher 4, through a press release on the company’s official website and could have Ciri as its protagonist. For the moment we still don’t know anything about this new project, but judging from the images published by the software house, we can expect a fair change of perspective.

The project

What you read on the official website of CD Projekt Red is at least interesting, for all fans of the franchise focused on Geralt di Rivia, given that this time the software house may have something very different in mind. Here is what you can read on the dedicated page:

“We are happy to announce that the next iteration in The Witcher video game series is currently in development” the release then continues specifying that this game “will kick off a new saga for the franchise.” A few words, but they already do fly your mind to speculation about the possible topics that this title may deal with.

Unfortunately, the study, as was also foreseeable, did not want to unbutton yet as regards the game launch windowwhich in all likelihood will be set for 2023, if not 2024, if we consider how important this videogame saga is for Polish kids, also imagining their desire not to replicate what they saw with the launch of Cyberpunk 2077.

The best news in all of this concerns the graphics engine used for the development of the game, which will no longer be the owner of the studio, the REDengine, but theUnreal Engine 5an element that promises great things as regards the graphic rendering of the new The Witcher.

Will the Witcher 4 have Ciri as protagonist?

As we told you a little while ago, the few words and images shared by CD Projekt Red have already given us a lot to think about regarding this fourth chapter of the franchise. In the first place, the study refers to the start of a new saga, so it would not be strange to expect big changes of perspective and tone.

The element that most of all makes us think of this shift in game storytelling is the semi-buried snow emblem used as the game’s teaser. In fact, this does not seem to represent the iconic wolf, which has always been a symbol of witchers, but has much more feline features. Could it be a reference to the Cat School?

If this were the case, we would find ourselves in front of a product that, in all likelihood, will have as its protagonist Characteristic; a solid theory, given how central the young woman has become within the narrative of the third chapter of the franchise. However, there is also a second possibility that is worth mentioning.

The medallion in question could in fact refer to the School of the Lynx, a particular branch born after the extinction of that of the wolf whose founders are Eskel, Lambert e Keira Metz. Of course, in this case we would be faced with an even more courageous choice, but it is an alternative not to be ruled out a priori, before receiving more precise information from CD Projekt Red.