Dear Fuels, the Government reduces excise duties: it is now official

Caro Carburanti, il Governo riduce le accise: ora è ufficiale thumbnail

As anticipated yesterday, the Decree was published in the Official Gazette “Urgent measures to counter the economic and humanitarian effects of the Ukrainian crisis” which contains a series of rules to lend a hand to Italian families affected, in spite of themselves, by high energy and high fuel. For the latter problem, the Government, as promised, has decided to reduce the excise duty.

As stated in the official text, “in consideration of the economic effects deriving from the exceptional increase in the prices of energy products, the rates of excise duty on petrol and diesel used as fuel, referred to in Annex I to the consolidated excise text approved by the legislative decree of 26 October 1995, n. 504, are restated, in relation to the period referred to in paragraph 2, in the following measures: a) petrol: € 478.40 per 1000 liters; b) oil from gas or diesel used as fuel: € 367.40 per 1000 liters “.

This rule, however, as is now well known, will last about a month, or until 30 April 2022. And in fact it is very clear in the text of the decree “The redetermination of the excise rates referred to in paragraph 1 shall apply from the day of entry into force of this decree and up to the thirtieth day following the same date”.

What will happen from 1 May is yet to be understood, but the government has promised to keep the situation under control and possibly intervene again if fuel prices start to rise “unexpectedly” again.

With the reduction of the excise duty desired by the Government, prices are falling between today and tomorrow

With this decree, in practice from today, but more likely from tomorrow for technical reasons, the price at the pump of a liter of petrol and diesel it should go down by about 30 cents, with diesel fuel costing less than gasoline as it has historically always been, except in recent weeks. An estimate is that both fuels should be priced at around € 1,879 per liter for petrol and € 1,849 for diesel.

But beware that yesterday the price of oil per barrel rose to 118 dollars, (in recent weeks the average was 110 dollars) an increase that could affect the cut in excise duty and in practice leave the price of fuel at the values ​​of the last few days.

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