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The World Of Warcraft patch will please fans

After months of player feedback, Blizzard is ready to offer the public one nuova patch in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. The new update will include the removal of a controversial feature which has long been a source of gamer complaints along with changes for in-game references to many former developers.

The new World of Warcraft patch is coming

As pointed out in a statement from the WoW development team, Blizzard will bring some significant ones Shadowlands quality of life changes in patch 9.1.5, many of which will make fans of the series happy.

“In the past few weeks, since we shared an update, the WoW team has been focusing on the immediate future, both for our people and our workplace, and also on what’s next for the players,” writes the WoW team. “The whole team came together to ask: What are the elements that are hindering your enjoyment, and what are the biggest changes we could make to WoW today to fix them?

As stated by the game director of Shadowlands, Ion Hazzikostas, many of the changes coming in the next patch are tailor-made to make life easier for “alt” characters. An alt is any secondary character a player can use after he has finished most of the game content on a primary character.

This is a list of changes that include the addition of new ranks of heirloom items, the possibility of skip the Covenant campaigns on the alt after completing them with another character, the possibility di skip the introductory questline Maw expansion for the alt and the ability to livellare in Torghast.

“We should have listened to community feedback and taken a different direction a year ago,” the post reads. “Most players ignore the system and are unaffected by it. The minority, on the other hand, who want to engage in multiple types of content competitively feel limited by it. Overall, this adds to a bad experience. Conduit Energy is not really improving the game in any appreciable way, so we are completely removing the system ”.

More news on the way

Players who reach a Renown degree quite high they will also be able to freely switch between one alliance to the other. With patch 9.1.5, players will be able to change Pact as they please without any penalty, allowing for more experimentation with different Pact abilities without feeling stuck in a certain path.

All of this is coming along with another set of changes. Among them we find the addition of new character creation options, the recycling of Legendary items, i dungeon Legion timewalking, i rsimplified unlocking requirements for some of the game’s Allied Races and more.

For more information you can consult the official site.

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