The Xbox for game streaming appears in Phil Spencer’s office

L'Xbox per il game streaming compare nell'ufficio di Phil Spencer thumbnail

Phil Spencer may have accidentally revealed (?) the design of the new Xbox device for the game streamingknown as Keystone project. In a photo posted on Twitter we can see the new “box” to access Microsoft’s cloud gaming services. A sign that perhaps the launch is really close.

Xbox Keystone, Microsoft’s game streaming device design shown online

Last year Microsoft announced its intention to launch a device optimized for game streaming, although in reality it is more than two years that there are rumors of a console of this type. Before the beginning of the summer Microsoft had confirmed the Keystone codename for this device, implying that it is working on it with enthusiasm. So much so that it seems that the first device is already ready.

In fact in a tweet published to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Fallout and congratulate the (now internal Microsoft) team of Bethesda, Phil Spencer would reveal the new device on a shelf in his office. With some speculating that more than a mistake it is a marketing gimmick.

Could this mean that the launch is imminent? And what can we expect from this device?

What will the new Microsoft console look like

At the announcement of a device to play the Xbox Game Pass making the most of streaming, many had thought of a dongle to connect to the HDMI socket of the TV, as it happens for Chromecast and Fire TV. But it looks like Microsoft wants to stick with the Xbox name and launch one small box to connect to the cloud games catalog.

The device seems conspicuously smaller even than the Xbox Series S, since it won’t have to process games directly: the graphics will be managed in the cloud. But in all likelihood Microsoft wants to distinguish it from other smart TV dongles with v technologyelocate the connection ed eliminate latency, perhaps even leaving space to save more data on the device.

In addition to the Game Passthere will also be streaming services such as Netflix e Disney+effectively launching its own smart TV operating system.

xbox game streaming keystone prototipo game pass minUnofficial rendering

Microsoft has launched an Xbox TV app for televisions Samsung in 2022, which launches games from the cloud and supports the streaming a 1080p e fino a 60 fps. And more and more TV manufacturers are integrating game streaming directly into their platform. But the Xbox game streaming console will serve all televisions built before 2022. And it looks like Microsoft wants to offer higher power to play best, based only on the design.

However, it is still too early to speculate. Rumors suggest that Microsoft is still running out of system on its device. But on the other hand, tomorrow There will be a Surface event on October 12th and a new Xbox could be an unexpected and explosive surprise.

Microsoft did not comment on Spencer’s alleged mistake. But the official Xbox Twitter account wrote below the post: “Now, what did we say about showing old prototypes on the shelf, boss? “. Which seems like a wink too huge to ignore.