TikTok is the most downloaded app in the world

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For months now, TikTok, for more than one reason, has gained the limelight as the social media of the moment.

And now comes the news: TikTok is confirmed as the most downloaded app in the world.

In 2021 we elected TikTok as application of the year in Italy, both for numbers and for perceived satisfaction. And as if that weren’t enough, we had a global confirmation: TikTok was the most popular domain in the world. To the point that many believe that Facebook will be overtaken by the overall number of active users.

Then there is the evolution of the platform, which has gradually changed from a strictly youthful social network. Also, for example, giving the possibility to produce videos up to 10 minutes long.

He was elected perhaps a little too superficially as the emblem of a new way of doing information. And as an instrument of testimony (and of amplification of dissent) by the Ukrainian population. Then the social network had shown its ideological ambiguities. At the same time, an investigation by the Wall Street Journal had highlighted the unfavorable conditions of employees of the Chinese social network who work in the Los Angeles office.

And we could go on. In short: for better or for worse TikTok is the most talked about social network. And recent numbers confirm this. Let’s find out in what sense.

And TikTok is the most downloaded app

According to a recent analysis by App Figures, therefore, TikTok is confirmed as the most downloaded app. And in September it gained 54 million new users.

The indications from the survey also tell us a lot about the health of the other social platforms. Let’s see the results of the research in more detail.

The numbers

The Coronavirus pandemic has probably been the biggest push for social media. Not only from the point of view of the number of users, but also from that of the content creators who have entered this universe.

The boom benefited above all from TikTok, which is confirmed as the most downloaded app in the world. Even if, it must be said, in the month of September 2022 the total number of downloads of all the apps has suffered a slight decline compared to the month of August (- 5%).

The latest analysis of App Figures refers only to the month of September. And it tells us some important things about TikTok. The Chinese app has gained 22 million new users on the App Store and nearly 33 on Google Playthus adding 54 million new users overall.

Its total leadership is confirmed, with a small decrease compared to last month, when the sum of new TikTok users who came from the App Store and Google Play amounted to 57 million.

App Store e Google Play

On the App Store, TikTok confirms its clear supremacy over its pursuers. The new iOS users of September, we said, are 22 million, and in second place is Google, with “only” 14 million new users. It went very similarly in August: TikTok 24 million, Google 14.

As for Google Play, TikTok maintains the third position, but at a short distance from the first two squares. In fact, we are talking about about 33 million new users for the Chinese app, against 34 million for Instagram and 36 for Facebook.

Adding the two channels, the primacy of TikTok is even strengthened in comparison with August. In fact, last month TikTok had 57 million new users, followed by Instagram with 51 million and Facebook, only in third place, with 45.

In September, TikTok was confirmed as the most downloaded app with 54 million new users. The decline of Instagram is rather conspicuous, always second but with 47 million users, 4 less than in August. Facebook’s position and numbers stable.

The other data

The report provides a number of interesting data on the other apps.

For example, the presence in the ranking, in seventh place overall (26 million new users), of CapCut, a video editor launched by TikTok, stands out. Or the drop in Snapchat, which lost 4 million downloads a month, probably due to the arrival of Be Real.

Finally, it should be noted that Google’s productivity tools, Sheets and Docs, are overtaking Microsoft’s Office suite.

The Sensor Tower report

In recent days, another report on the performance of the apps has been published, by the Sensor Tower team of experts in the mobile market.

A slight decline in overall spending on applications and additional content is confirmed. Which in the third quarter of 2022 registered a -5%.

However, even in this case TikTok stands out. The Chinese app is in fact reported as the most profitable, with approximately 914.4 million dollars in total.

Both the original Chinese version and the international version are included in the figure. Which are almost identical, except for some differences due to the limitations imposed by the Beijing government, including the impossibility of sharing content with Instagram and YouTube, social networks not available in China.