The Xbox Museum is born: a metaverse for the twentieth anniversary of the console

Nasce l'Xbox Museum: un metaverso per i vent'anni della console thumbnail

To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of Xbox, Microsoft has created a virtual museum, simply called Xbox Museum, located in a metaverse and containing the entire history of the console, including some manufacturing defects and the failed attempt to acquire Nintendo in 2000.

Microsoft presenta l’Xbox Museum

You can freely visit the museum by following this link, and once inside you just need to move using the arrow keys on your keyboard to move between the various sections. The exhibition itinerary starts from the original Xbox, passing through Xbox 360 e Xbox One, until you get to Series X|S, the new flagship from Microsoft. Each stage of these twenty years of the console is told through an anecdote, mostly complete with associated video.

Xbox Museum

If you have a Microsoft account, the museum also contains an area dedicated to you, which will show you all the games you have played on the company’s various consoles, how many in total and even when it was the first time you signed up for the Xbox Live service.

It is possible to explore a total of 132 moments in Xbox history throughout the metaverse museum, letting oneself be carried away by the rhythms of the exhibition itinerary. Each described moment has its associated link and it is possible to share your own version of the personal museum with friends through a special function. In short, if you are an Xbox enthusiast, we recommend that you take a look at it.