The YouTube Music App arrives on Wear OS

L'App di YouTube Music arriva su Wear OS thumbnail

Good news for listeners of YouTube Music! As of now, in fact, an App compatible with is finally available WearOSwhich will allow you to always carry your favorite music with you.

YouTube Music: App finally available for Wear OS users

After a long wait, Google has finally announced that YouTube Music is now a ‘Standalone appwhich will allow you to stream music via LTE and Wi-Fi. This means that users will no longer need the smartphone, because they can comfortably listen to their favorite artists from the smartwatch. And all this thanks to the first wearable application of the well-known music service, after it replaced Google Play Music at the end of 2020.

Therefore, all YouTube Music Premium subscribers will have access to all the service streaming libraryin addition to predefined playlists. They won’t have to put up with commercials and will find the latest music in sync with the smartwatch thanks to a smart download function. In addition, the application will also take care of proposing new playlists based on users’ listening history. Those who own a WearOS smartwatch will then have access to the application pane, from which they can quickly start listening to recent playlists. And view the Home Page of the App itself.

In any case, Google is expected to launch the application during the week, which means that we can finally listen to music from the smartwatch. Not a bad idea.

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