There is a Pokemon mod for Palworld

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Palworld now has a Pokemon mod, created by the same game creator who recently made headlines for adding Disney characters to the fighting game Mortal Kombat, a bizarre way to enrich a violent video game with characters from children’s animated films

Palworld is a video game by survival shooter and adventurebetter known as “Pokemon with weapons“. In the game there are little monsters called Palswhich are very reminiscent of Pokemon (by the way, there are updates on the new Netflix animated series). The video game developer, however, insisted that he was not inspired by Pokemon. In his words, in fact, the video game is more inspired by titles like Ark Survival Evolved e Valheim, but that obviously didn’t stop people from continuing to point fingers at the game. Now Palworld will have the first Pokemon modcourtesy of the creator Toasted Shoes. The developer left a teaser on X in which it shows a clip where we see the protagonist of the original animated series, Ash Ketchumin the game world, along with other famous Pokemon like Pikachu which replace the Pals. The first boss to face is Jessie of the Team Rocket.

La mod Pokemon in Palworld

Toasted Shoes he is known on the web for creating captivating mods. Last week, IGN showed the Toasted mod on Mortal Kombat 1 by inserting characters from Pixar and Dreamworks. The developer intends to release a video showcase of Palworld tomorrow, January 23. However, some wonder if this will last, given that Nintendo usually throws out mods and fan projects. As long as it has life, this Palworld mod will give us the opportunity to understand what a Pokémon video game for adultsa video game we will never have, since Nintendo always aims for target children. Even though the mods have started coming out recently, they are already there on the official NexusMods website many interesting modsincluding the possibility of adding pallets Studio Ghibli style to the game world.

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