In Costa Rica è in corso un'emergenza nazionale a causa di un attacco ransomware thumbnail

There is a “state of emergency” in Costa Rica due to ransomware

A national emergency is underway in Costa Rica due to a thumbnail ransomware attack

And ransomware attack gave birth to a real one national emergency in Costa Rica. President Rodrigo Chaves was forced to declare a “state of emergency “ due to the ransomware attack carried out by the Accounts group which led to the blocking of various information systems of many government agencies.

A ransomware attack in Costa Rica did enormous damage

I first ransomware attacks against Costa Rica began last AprilAnd. The Ministry of Finance was hit and, subsequently, the attacks focused on other national local authorities. The Conti hacker group initially requested a $ 10 million ransom. The Government of Costa Rica has chosen, however, not to fall into blackmail and not to pay. Since last April 18, therefore, several tax services have been inaccessible. Note that much of the data stolen by hackers has already been posted online.

The US offers $ 15 million in exchange for information on the Conti group

The Conti group’s ransomware attack on Costa Rica was particularly effective. The hacker team creates a lot of fear for governments around the world and the risk of further attacks is real. To try to stop the threat, the US has come to offer as much as $ 15 million in exchange for useful information to track down team members. At the moment, however, there is no data on the issue.

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