Recensione King Arthur: Knight's Tale, strategia e leggenda

King Arthur review: Knight’s Tale, strategy and legend

The adventures of King Arthur return with King Arthur: Knight’s Tale and in this review we will discover the new title of NeocoreGames

Who among us hasn’t grown up with the adventures that tell of noble-hearted knights all sitting at the famous round table? The cycle of novels that narrate the exploits of King Arthur and his riders has stirred the imagination of young and old, giving us unforgettable adventures thanks to a perfect mix of reality and fantasy, sacred and profane. We all know the fate of King Arthur, who died from a wound inflicted by Mordred in their latest fight.

However, a strange power has awakened the two contenders from death and now they are ready to face each other again in this adventure conceived by the boys of NeocoreGames. So let’s start this one review and let’s find out how he behaved King Arthur: Knight’s Tale sul nostro PC.

Between myth and tactics

As mentioned earlier, the events related to the game take place after the last fight between King Arthur and Mordred. We will find ourselves in the magical world described by the various authors who have succeeded each other over time. Here the kingdom of Avalon and the English one appear to be merged into a deadly embrace. Dark and sinister landscapes will accompany us in the course of the adventure, where sacred and profane merge thanks to fantasy elements that will give depth to the game.

The story is based on more or less long and complex missions, each characterized by an explorable map, albeit limited, where there will be ambushes and full-blown clashes. We will meet again at command a handpiece of up to four heroes, although in some cases it is possible to recruit some during the mission. The exploratory phase is accompanied by turn-based battlesin which it will be important to adopt different tactics depending on the opponents we are going to face.

However, the battles will only be one of the key factors in this video game. The real phase of the game in fact starts from the map screenin which it will be possible not only to select the characters, but also the equipment and anything else that may favor us during the mission.

Truly huge gameplay – King Arthur: Knight’s Tale review

The gameplay, given its enormous breadth, deserves a separate chapter in this review of King Arthur: Knight’s Tale. The folks at NeocoreGames have really worked hard for make this title as deep as possible and to diversify from many similar ones. And they did it great! Let’s start with the map and discover every single thread that forms this immense web of gameplay.

The Map – King Arthur Review: Knight’s Tale

The “lobby”, as we can define it in any game in which we prepare to face a battle in the best possible way, is characterized by world map. Here it will be possible to select the mission to undertake, each one characterized by bonus rewards and special requirementsselect the heroes that will make up our team, increase their respective levels, equip them to the best and access to Camelot.

The fortress will initially be a place full of rubble, but thanks to the gold and various resources, you will be able to reconstruct the various parts that compose it. Each of these will have peculiarities. At Marketfor example, you can buy and sell equippable items, while theHospital it will serve to heal the various heroes wounded in battle. Of vital importance is the Crypt, in which you can bring the characters back to life. Obviously all of these actions have a cost that is quantified in a certain amount of gold or in simpleshifts“, Or rather of the missions to be completed.

Each place in Camelot can be assigned a hero who will allow us to enjoy some small advantages. All these seats are also characterized by a small tree of updates. Through the latter we will be able to unlock benefits related to that buildingsuch as the number of heroes that can be cured at the same time, the number of equipment that can be purchased, the ability to make laws, and so on.

King Arthur review: Knight's Tale, strategy and legend

Eroi – Review King Arthur: Knight’s Tale

In the game, as mentioned at the beginning of the review, we will play the role of Sir Mordred. However, playing with this character will not be essential, except in certain missions that specifically request it. After unlocking the Panel discussion and having increased its level to the maximum, we will be able to have in ours roster as many as 12 heroes. Each will be characterized by some peculiarities. There will indeed be heroes for close combattanks and scouts, but also other ranged combat officersas archers, crossbowmen and, why not, even magicians.

Each hero will feature one bar indicating loyalty to the cause. The latter will be divided into several parts, each of which, once completed, will provide buffs or debuffs depending on whether the hero is more or less faithful. This value can vary in various ways thanks to the unexpected, but we will deal with the latter later.

Although the heroes are therefore twelve in all, during the missions only four of them will be able to take part in the glorious deeds that await you. Selecting the ones that will be right for you will not be easy. Once the assignment is completed characters will gain experience which will level them up. They correspond to each level increase two skill pointswhich can be spent in the appropriate tree which, of course, varies from hero to hero.

Then there will be an even greater increase in their lethality equipable items, weapons, armor and rings, but also potions. The latter will be usable during the battle. As expected each item has passive characteristics and bonuses different which will make them more or less fit for purpose depending on our game tactics.

King Arthur review: Knight's Tale, strategy and legend

The Battlefield – King Arthur: Knight’s Tale Review

The real game phase is divided into two stages: the one of exploration and that of battaglia. During the first we will be able to roam freely throughout the mission map. We will often come across campfire which will make us recover energy or armor points, at other times we will encounter gods altar. The latter will sometimes give us a power that can come in handy during the continuation of the mission, while others will provide us with small penalties.

Let’s now see the battle phase. Recognizing the areas dedicated to this phase will be easy. These will in fact be outlined by red boxes which, if crossed, will make us enter the turn-based mode. In some cases though we may be ambushed and therefore the area will not be delimited as previously described. In this specific case we will go directly to the fight, if instead we invade the red zone, we will be able to place our heroes before proceeding to the fight.

Once the fight has started, each hero will have a certain amount of movement points which can be spent to move along the squares, attack or take the guard. The latter is very useful, as it will allow our characters to attack anyone who enters the designated area upon activation. It will also be possible exploit elements of the scenario to protect our heroes so that they are not surrounded or hit by units at a distance. Leaving one side uncovered or, even worse, the back, will lead us to meet one series of increased damage which, in the long run, could compromise the outcome of the mission.

King Arthur review: Knight's Tale, strategy and legend

Contingencies and the Tree of Morality – King Arthur Review: Knight’s Tale

As previously mentioned, throughout the game we will find unexpected events everywhere that will put us in front of rather significant choices. Whether you are on a mission or on the general map, you can run into choices that your playing skills will vary. In fact, each of these will not only make you gain or lose gold, materials and trust from one hero or the other, but it will give you a distinctive trait among four main features: Tyrant, Fair, Christianity, Old Faith.

Each of these traits will provide unique bonuses, but may also antagonize some heroes on your roster. Ponder your choice well, therefore, because once you have taken it you will never be able to go back.

King Arthur review: Knight's Tale, strategy and legend

A well-kept technical sector – King Arthur review: Knight’s Tale

Now let’s talk about the technical sector of the game. Visually speaking, the NeocoreGames guys title looks like a real treat for the eyes. Not only are the characters painstakingly crafted in every single detail, but the various game environments are very well taken care of. The atmosphere that permeates each setting recalls that of a decadent world that clings to a light and feeble hope to survive.

Also from the audio side we find the same attention paid to the graphic sector. Ambient sounds give off the atmosphere one would have expected after seeing the various settings. Even the dialogues appear to be well cared for, with very loud and clear voices that are not disappearing due to ambient sounds. Too bad the Italian language is completely missing. Good was also the command management, very simple and intuitive and which therefore do not require a great deal of skill to be used.

The only flawbut not too burdensome in terms of gameplay, may result from camera management with the surrounding environment. In fact, we will end up with an isometric view and, in some situations, this could cause small problems, such as when an opponent will find himself behind a very high column or if we choose to send our character in that box. In that case we will be forced to rotate the camera when a key could have been easily activated that would temporarily hide all the constructions too high to be able to click safely.

King Arthur review: Knight's Tale, strategy and legend

For Camelot and Avalon

We have now reached the end of this review and it is therefore time to draw some conclusions. King Arthur: Knight’s Tale really is a game monster if you look at it from the gameplay side. The depth that the developers have given leads us even after hours of play to not having fully learned every single feature. Although this can give a lot of longevity the title, in some ways slows it down too much, making it heavy for those not fond of the genre.

Nevertheless the management is truly impeccable. Although initially the plot seems a bit forced afterwards the story unravels itself very well and fascinates anyone keeping it glued to the screen. A story that is so reminiscent of a diesel car is then joined by a really well cared for technical sector, able to make us dive deeper and deeper into the title. In short, a title that everyone, lovers of the genre and not, should try in their life sooner or later.

For this King Arthur review: Knight’s Tale that’s now all. We remind you that the title is available for PC at a recommended retail price of € 44.99 are Steamalthough you can buy it …