There will be no spin-off of The Last Of Us with Bill and Frank

Empoli-Monza: dove vedere la partita?

Some time ago there were rumors of a spin-off of The Last Of Us starring Bill and Frank, the protagonists of the third episode of the series, but co-creator Craig Mazin denied the rumors: there will be no spin-off series

Among the various interesting news about the series The Last Of Usthere were rumors about a probable spin-off con Bill e Frank. The co-creator of the series denied the rumors, Craig Mazin (here is the complete filmography), denying the existence of this spin-off and revealing that he and the team are happy with what they showed with the two characters in the first season and that they have no intention of showing anything else, leaving the story of Bill and Frank ended with that romantic and tragic ending.

Ruined dreams about The Last Of Us spin-off

Mazin’s response comes after the actor who played Bill, Nick Offerman, said that a spin-off of The Last Of Us starring the two surviving lovers was on the way. The actor believed that the project was in the works, where we would see their lives before they met. He then added, jokingly, that it could be a musical, then waiting for a response from Neil Druckman e Craig Mazin. That answer has arrived and no, unfortunately it won’t be there. The director and screenwriter spoke with Deadlineclaiming that Offerman was joking with his comments about the series, made while receiving the award at the Emmy Awards for Best Guest Actor in a Drama Series. He then added that he is happy with the story he told and that he is very proud of that episode.

Filming of the second season of The Last Of Us they will start next month. Naughty Dog and HBO have picked up the new actors who will play the characters from The Last Of Us Part 2. They recently announced the actress who will play Dina, aka Isabela Mercede Kaitlyn Dever in the role of Abby. They will join Peter Pascalwho will return as Joele Bella Ramsey in the role of Ellie. The second season will be released in 2025. It won’t tell the whole story of Part 2, but it will have many more infected.

What do you think about it? Would you have liked to see the characters of Bill and Frank again? Tell us yours in the comments. Continue to follow us on for other news from The Last Of Us and much more from the world of films and TV series.

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