There will be room for biofuels and e-fluel: Pichetto’s words

Auto, Pichetto Fratin: "Non solo elettrico. Spazio a biocarburanti e e-fluel" thumbnail

The question electric cars 2035 it’s at a turning point. L’Italia is ready to invest in the next two years for i synthetic fuels like e-fuel. These are the words of the Minister of the Environment and Energy Security. Gilberto Pichetto Fratin, during his speech at the Italy-Spain dialogue forum.

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Auto, the words of Gilberto Pichetto Fratin

Regarding the start of electric cars in 2035, as established by the EU. The Minister of Environment and Energy Security. Gilberto Pichetto Fratin says: “I want to announce it here, we are committed as a government. In the next two-year period to invest 4 billion euros on thee-fuel“.

We totally agree on e-fuel. But what we ask is to scientifically evaluate the technological neutrality. We have raised the topic of biofuel. Certainly e-fuel pollutes less but will arrive in 2028. So the biofuels were for a phase of transition”, he added. “If non-neutrality is scientifically demonstrated, one gives up”, concluded Pichetto.

Cars, the opening to biofuels comes from the EU Commissioner for Energy Kadri Simson

The Meloni government had said that, after the opening to Germany for synthetic fuels, Europe would also negotiate for Italian biofuels. Here comes the day of April 1, the opening from the EU Commissioner for Energy Kadri Samson: “There will be a negotiation on biofuels”.

Then, the commissioner continues by answering a question: “Yes, of course, biofuels are a topic that is covered. We support the initiatives in this regard, it is my responsibility to support the producers, the support is there and it is strong”. Simson explains that the agreement on the vehicles has been negotiated for a long time and has been reached. The Commission will now help member states implement the measures. “I personally think that i electric vehicles will soon be very competitive. However the law was necessary for everyone to move in the same direction. Because a single and united market is in favor of consumers”.