There’s still tomorrow: Paola Cortellesi’s success

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A triumph for Paola Cortellesi, who with her directorial debut with the film There’s Still Tomorrow, manages to convince audiences and critics

Presented at Rome Film Festivalit was clear right from the start that There’s still tomorrowthe first film he saw Paola Cortellesi directed, it would have been a success. At the event, after having managed to obtain spontaneous applause from the audience in the room, he managed to take home three prizes (the public prize, the special jury prize and the special mention for best first film). Now the film is flying at the box office, so much so that it has managed to record excellent takings and set a new record since the dark period of the pandemic.

There's still tomorrow: Paola Cortellesi's success

Plot | There’s still tomorrow: Paola Cortellesi’s success

Let’s now get to the heart of this film, trying to understand what led to this success. There’s Still Tomorrow brings with it a strong message of female strength and solidarity. The film tells about Delia“a good housewife”, who lives in Rome in the post-war period, with her husband Ivano, three children and a gruff father-in-law. Although she constantly works hard for her family, according to her father-in-law, the woman has the defect of “talking back”, a reason that justifies Ivano beating her up and humiliating her. Fortunately Delia is not alone, outside of her she has many friends ready to take care of her and, above all, a big dream in her drawer.

The numbers of success

As announced, the success of the film spread in a very short time, also thanks to the many colleagues who, on social media, praised the extraordinary work of Paola Cortellesi. Many in the audience who came to the theater defined this new film as a work exciting and impactful. There’s Still Tomorrow proved to be a great success at the box office, grossing on November 1st only. more than 1 million euros,enough to fit into the top 10 of annual grosses. Something similar, for an Italian film, has not happened since February 2020. To date, however, there has been a taking of approximately 3 and a half million euros, a figure that could rise significantly in the coming days.

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