This was the original and much more emotional outcome that was filmed before being discarded

This was the original and much more emotional outcome that was filmed before being discarded

A few days ago the final episode of ‘The Walking Dead’ premiered. It is true that this universe is going to continue with several more projects, including a miniseries starring Rick (Andrew Lincoln) y Michonne (Call Gurira), something that led to the end of the series being changed at the last moment.

Why it was removed and what happened in the original ending

Watch out for spoilers from here on out.

Greg Nicoterodirector of the last chapter of ‘The Walking Dead’, has revealed this fact in an interview with Insideralso pointing out what was the reason that led them to eliminate the final scene, because “We felt it would conflict with the Rick and Michonne part, so we removed it.“. And it is that the series was going to take a temporary leap to pay tribute to how it all began in ‘The Walking Dead’:

After Daryl left, we cut to the outskirts of Atlanta, where Rick’s iconic shot in the pilot takes place. We see an ethanol modified van, with a young woman and man in the front seats (in their early twenties). And through the scene, we realize that it’s adult RJ and Judith.

Other adult versions of the children are in the back: Coco, Gracie, etc. They are out there, looking to escort any survivors back to their communities. Carrying on the legacy of his parents.

As RJ talks over the radio, he ends with, “If you can hear me, answer. I’m Rick Grimes.” (Which, of course, is his name—and the line Rick said in the pilot.) We then end with a survivor’s voice responding, “Hello?”

This would have served, in turn, to close certain passages of Judith throughout the final season, but it is seen that wanting to pay more attention to what this universe can offer in the future weighed more than to give a closure in style to a title that It became one of the most popular series on television.being one of the few that could rival ‘Game of Thrones’.

Al final It’s all because Lincoln and Gurira recorded their appearances at the last minute. this past August, long after the filming of this eleventh season had come to an end.

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