This world won’t make me bad: the trailer for the new Zerocalcare series

Imparare l'inglese online: ecco come fare e perché

Netflix waited for the live broadcast of Sanremo to show the trailer of one of the most anticipated Italian products: This world will not make me bad

The third episode of the Sanremo Festival took place between songs and guests’ speeches, but there was a moment that even TV series lovers greatly appreciated. This is the airing of the trailer of the new work of the cartoonist Michele Rechin arte Zero limestone. The new series, entitled This world won’t make me bad, composed by 6 episodes, unexpectedly presented itself to the spectators of the Festival; a nice surprise for the fans.

This World Won’t Make Me Evil Trailer Hints

From the trailer, we can deduce, at least in part, what the new episodes will be about. It is probable that the video was created specifically for the evening of the festival, judging by the initial part, in which the protagonist Zero is about to tread a prestigious stage, but at the end he backs down.

In the new series we will find the characters made famous by the previous Tear along the edges. In addition to Zero, the protagonist, we will also see his friend Secco, Sarah and the Armadillo, or rather his conscience. These characters will now be grappling with a new question: can you remain yourself in a hostile world? In life there are many moments in which we are faced with difficulties, but how can we face them without betraying ourselves and not giving in to shortcuts far from our ideals?

In short, contents always faithful to Zerocalcare, which already in Tear along the edges (here our review), had given vent to its most intimate side, transforming what could have seemed a simple cartoon into an exciting and overwhelming series. It was no coincidence that she had managed to achieve incredible success, placing herself at the top of Netflix’s most viewed for a long time. Also in this second production, Zerocalcare took care of writing, directing and dubbing.

Sadly, the trailer was vague and didn’t specify when we’ll finally get to see This World Won’t Make Me Bad. We just have to arm ourselves with patience and wait for the return of one of the most loved Italian characters on the Netflix platform.

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