This World Won’t Make Me Evil: Out today on Netflix

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The wait is finally over, This world won’t make me bad, the new Zero Limestone series for Netflix is ​​available on the platform: let’s see the plot and episode details together

This world won’t make me bad, the new series by Zero Calcare is finally available today, Friday 9 June on Netflix for all subscribers to the platform. A wait that seemed endless, because the enormous success and appreciation of Tear Along the Edges led the public to want to see more Zero Limescale in the serial world.

This World Won’t Make Me Evil: Out today on Netflix

The synopsis of the series centers on the return to the neighborhood of an old friend of Zero after several years of absence and struggles to recognize the world in which he grew up. Zerocalcare would like to do something for him but realizes that he is unable to help him feel at home again and make the right choice to find his place in the world. This world won’t make me bad tells the difficulty of remaining oneself in the midst of life’s contradictions. The very title of the series, which draws inspiration from a song by a Roman singer-songwriter, represents a sort of mantra, a phrase that seems to hover over all the decisions that the protagonists find themselves having to make in the course of the story almost to convince themselves, in the most difficult moments, those in which the risk of making wrong choices and denying one’s ideals becomes stronger in order to get out of trouble.

This World Won’t Make Me Bad: Out Today on Netflix | episode titles


Possible mess in the air, but Sarah’s and mine’s lives are coming together incredibly. There are some ethical dilemmas and an unexpected return to the neighborhood after twenty years.


Here we try to understand who is giving tips to the Nazis in the neighborhood. Then there’s a part where they ask me to help Cesare settle in. To me. Known for being a sociable one.


The search for the monster to talk about the suburbs, a media classic. And this time it’s up to Cesare. Then Secco, who wants to solve everything with donuts, and a beacon of my life that collapses.


A bad fight. I think I’m right, but I feel equally wrong. Meanwhile, the climate is heating up at the town hall. I’ve never seen a cartoon about a city council. Not in the GDR.


The hours before the battle. The doubts, the anxieties, Secco who lines up more than three words that make sense. All the conditions for a great Greek tragedy.


If we went on for six episodes with this story and in the end a giant slaughterhouse didn’t break out, honestly it was a scam. And indeed it explodes.

This World Won’t Make Me Bad: Out Today on Netflix | the soundtrack

As director Michele Rech has often had the opportunity to tell, his approach to animation stems from the desire to “force” his audience to listen to the songs he himself had in mind for his stories. The music that serves as the soundtrack to the two series was therefore already included in the writing phase as an integral part of the screenplay, like a character. While the title of the series itself is inspired by the song This world won’t make me bad by the singer-songwriter Path.

A leading role in this sense certainly has the acronym that opens the individual episodes and which already introduces the viewer into the narrative. After the success of the song Torn Along the Edges, the collaboration between Zerocalcare and the Roman singer-songwriter Giancane is renewed also for this new series. The excerpts chosen by the cartoonist for This world won’t make me bad will be available digitally and on double vinyl, with cover designed by Zerocalcare, from June 9, the day the series comes out. The first LP will see Giancane’s new album Tutto Male, containing the theme song of the series which gives the title to the second LP Sei in un Paese Meraviglioso, the collection of songs chosen for the series.

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