Thor 5: darker tones, will Gareth Edwards direct the new chapter?

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Good news also for fans of the God of Thunder: Thor 5 will have darker tones and Marvel wants Gareth Edwards to direct the new film of the Norse God

As previously announced, Taika Waititi will no longer be working on the character of Thor. Waititi divided fans by showing the God of Thunder with comical and colorful tones, thus giving him a more childish air in Thor Ragnarok and Thor Love and Thunder. The choice of the New Zealand director divided the opinion of fans, between those who loved his interpretation and those who hated it. There is excellent news for the latter: Marvel has announced as a premise that Thor 5 will have darker tones and they already have in mind the director to whom to entrust the fifth chapter.

Thor 5: darker tones, will Gareth Edwards direct the new chapter?

Marvel will return to the darker tones of Thor

Nothing is confirmed yet, but according to scooper Daniel Ritchman, who has usually always been a reliable source, the director that Marvel Studios has in mind to direct Thor 5 is Gareth Edwards, who already directed the first Monsterverse film , Godzilla (2014), Star Wars: Rogue One and the most recent The Creator. Gareth Edwards is therefore a rather well-known name in the field of blockbusters, and his films in particular are known for their dark tones. Godzilla, for example, was a very dark film that knew how to provide doses of entertainment with plays of shadows, up to the long-awaited scene of Godzilla’s arrival against the MUTOs. Rogue One and The Creator also have their share of melancholy, death, destruction and devastation. These examples are enough to demonstrate the potential that Thor 5 has with Gareth Edwards as director.

Thor 5: darker tones, will Gareth Edwards direct the new chapter?

What to expect from Thor 5

I feel like we should probably close this chapter in case I do it again, you know what I mean? I think my return would be justified by the ending of the story, but this is my opinion that is not based on what Marvel anticipated. There is the birth of a hero, the journey of a hero and the death of a hero. Am I at this stage? Who knows.

These are the recent statements of Chris Hemsworth, the interpreter of Thor. With the possible direction of Gareth Edwards, it is very likely that there will be a lot of drama in the film and death could be one of the main themes, falling in line with the tones used by the director and with Thor’s past. The God of Thunder has years of suffering, depression and melancholy behind him, but always with the hope for a better future. We will probably see this in the film: the mourning process. Another factor to take into consideration is Sif’s return. In fact, the character, both in mythology and in comics, she is the wife of the God of Thunder and, following the history of the MCU, the only surviving Asgardian Goddess beyond Thor. The character has never been told in depth, the fifth film could be the best opportunity to do so and thus create a bond between the two.

While Thor 5 is in the plans, Marvel Studios has yet to officially announce it. All you have to do is wait to find out more news about the film. Continue to follow us on so you don’t miss updates on Thor 5 and much more on films and TV series.

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