Thor: Love and Thunder, Russell Crowe sarà Zeus

Russell Crowe has revealed firsthand the character he will play in Thor: Love and Thunder; as predicted by many, it will be Zeus

The expectation grows for Thor: Love and Thunder, the fourth chapter dedicated to the God of Thunder. In recent weeks there has been a lot of rumors about the cast, especially the new entries (many of which will have small funny cameos in the film). But the most intriguing role, which has given rise to many hypotheses, is undoubtedly what it would have played Russell Crowe.

Finally, the actor himself made the announcement during an interview on JOY 94.9 radio and the news was also confirmed by the Marvel: Russell Crowe will play Zeus.

Thor: Love and Thunder, Russell Crowe sarà Zeus

Thor: Love and Thunder, revealed the role of Russell Crowe

In recent weeks it had been announced that the Australian actor Russell Crowe, Oscar winner for Gladiator, had joined the cast of Marvel’s new cinecomic Thor: Love and Thunder, with Chris Hemsworth called to take up again the role of the God of thunder. But a strong silence weighed on his role in the film.

After a while, we now know who will play the actor: Zeus; Greek deity of sky and thunder, father of all the gods of Olympus and son of Cronus.

I’ll take my bike, cycle to Disney Fox Studios and, around 9:15 am, I should be Zeus!

The audio excerpt of the interview was posted on Twitter, showing that Russell Crowe has already finished filming his scenes and had a blast in his new role. The first appearance of Zeus in the comics dates back to 1945 in the number 5 of Venus. Over the years it has been included in the various works dedicated to the God of Thunder.

Thor: Love and Thunder should arrive in cinemas all over the world in May 2022, hoping there are no delays due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Directed and written by Taika Waititi, the main actors are Natalie Portman (real protagonist of the film, again in the role of Jane Foster), Chris Hemsworth e Tessa Thompson. Now, too, we can fantasize a little more about the importance of the role played by Russell Crowe.

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