THQ Nordic’s best video games: from Darksiders to Wreckfest

I migliori videogiochi di THQ Nordic: da Darksiders a Wreckfest thumbnail

THQ Nordic ha apworth its tenth anniversary of activity, which the publisher celebrated by distributing two historical games for PC for free, namely Titan Quest and Jagged Alliance 1. In these ten years there have been many video games published by THQ Nordic, so let’s take a look at which, in our opinion, are the best ones.

THQ Nordic’s best video games

Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning

Remastered version of Kingdom’s of Amalur Reckonig, this title comes as the improved version of the original Action RPG. This title offers a large open map world, with a capillary management of the equipment and a style that winks at games like World of Warcraft.

Of classic fantasy setting Amalur manages to blend very well elements of RPG hard and pure, such as the management of levels and playable classes, sufficiently varied and hybridisable, with a system of combat action, where it is not only important to attack, but also to learn enemy patterns for dodging or counterattacking blow for blow.

Many fans of the title are still waiting for a sequel, although nothing suggests that one will ever be developed.


Sacred has been part of the THQ Nordic stable for a relatively short time, as the publisher has only recently bought the IP from Koch Media. However it is impossible not to mention this iconic videogame series in this list, given that it is about one of the most important action RPG ever developed for PC.

THQ Nordic best video games

The various games are presented with an isometric view and mechanics in some ways similar to those of the Diablo saga, complete with playable classes that can be selected at the beginning of the adventure. The series then also landed on consoles, and that’s a long time ago completely disappeared from radar. Is the time ripe for the arrival of a new numbered chapter? We certainly hope so.


Another sacred monster of THQ Nordic is the saga of Darksiders, which currently has three main games and a spin-off. The series stars the four horsemen of the apocalypse, War, Death, Fury and Conflict (so slightly different from how we remembered them), engaged in a feat at the end of time to find out who or what triggered Armageddon ahead of schedule.

THQ Nordic best video games

The celestial authorities in fact have indeed accused Guerra, but already from the first chapter it is evident that the truth lies elsewhere. In terms of gameplay darksiders has changed considerably from chapter to chapter. The first title was an action with metroidvania components, the second an action RPG and the third took on some mechanics typical of soulslike.

In any case, if you like comic-style video games based on action and fighting, we can only recommend this series.

Destroy All Humans!

A rather unique title it still is today Destroy All Humans! a nice third person shooter that will put you in the shoes of an alien whose mission is exactly that of the game title. The game is characterized by a strong narrative structure of a sharp irony that will not fail to make you print a sarcastic smile on the face of every joke of the protagonists, which certainly do not send them to say.


The first title, however, has just had a remake released in 2020, which offers a completely reconstructed experience of one of the most iconic video games of the early 2000s.


We close our list of THQ Nordic’s best video games with Wreckfest, a unique racing game based on “destructive” racing. The idea behind the game is to propose a racing game with the possibility of advanced vehicle destruction, in which this feature becomes an integral part of the gameplay and not just a technical tinsel to increase its realism.

The result is a title poised between arcade and simulation and that is able to offer hours of pure entertainment in the chaos that the destruction of vehicles creates during the races. It is undoubtedly one of the most particular racing games and the only ones ever released on the market.