Mazda CX-5 MY 2022, l'evoluzione che porta tecnologia ed eleganza thumbnail

Mazda CX-5 MY 2022, the evolution that brings technology and elegance

After four years since it was launched on the market, the Mazda CX-5 is entitled to a restyling, more important than the small touches of summer 2020, but still discreet in order not to upset a design that also for the MY (Model Year) version 2022 should attract lovers of the Japanese brand. Externally, the MY 2022 is recognized for its own enlarged grille with more significant reliefs, its redesigned lights and its revised front bumper. All this gives a little more aggression to the front, similar to what is seen in the SUVs of other brands. The rear light clusters are also new and the “Zircon Sand” beige body color makes its debut.

Mazda CX-5 MY 2022, the big news is not seen

The real and greatest novelty of the Mazda SUV, however, is invisible as it concerns the chassis. Indeed the CX-5 adopts the latest evolution of the SkyActiv platform, which translates in particular into a reworked suspension, new seats and one and (according to the manufacturer) better soundproofing The luggage compartment volume also benefits from this, going from 477 dm³ to 550 dm³ for the petrol engine version, and from 465 dm³ to 538 dm³ for the diesel one. It should be noted that, even if the 194 HP 2.5 L SkyActiv-G petrol engine returns to the range, still no SkyActiv-X even for this new version.

The selector also debuts driving Mi-Drive (Mazda intelligent Drive), which allows the driver to choose the driving mode he prefers by simply touching a control. And in the four-wheel drive versions i-Activ AWD it also adds up the Off-Road mode.

Mazda CX 5 MY 2022

The Mazda CX-5 range is also evolving in terms of finishes. After the recently launched Homura configuration, a new version called Newground has enriched the catalog, designed to attract a young clientele who love outdoor recreation. This version, inserted in the mid-range of the range, can be recognized by the lime green inserts of its grille and its vents, the silver details of its shields, the waterproof coating of one side of the reversible trunk floor, its black 19-inch rims. inches and its black suede lining with lime green stitching. With Newground, there are therefore 3 finishes offered in total: Signature, (High + for Europe) Homura and, precisely, Newground.

Finally, from the point of view of equipment, the CX-5 MY 2022 now receives an induction charger directly present in the passenger compartment and a semi-autonomous driving system ccalled Cruising & Traffic Support (CTS) which activates when driving in traffic jams and helps reduce driver fatigue by assisting him with accelerator, brake and steering when involved in traffic jams. Mazda also promises that the adaptive LED headlights have been improved.

Mazda CX 5 MY 2022

Mazda CX-5 MY 2022 is expected in dealerships early next year. The Japanese manufacturer has not yet revealed the official prices, but it is to be expected, for the basic version, a price of just over 30 thousand euros with the more powerful variants that should be around 40 thousand euros.

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