Three new LEGO Super Mario Luigi’s Mansion sets are coming!

The LEGO Group has officially unveiled three new LEGO Super Mario Luigi’s Mansion sets, let’s see them together

Fans of LEGO Super Mario, rejoice! The LEGO Group has just announced its latest addition, this time giving fans three new expansion sets, all inspired by the iconic series Nintendo, Luigi’s Mansion. Fans will be introduced to new and fun features designed to inspire creative play, with their favorite protagonists: King Boo, Polterpup, Bogmire, Toad, Boo and many other fascinating characters from the Luigi’s Mansion series.

Use LEGO Luigi or LEGO Mario from one of the Starter Packs to bring these exciting new challenges to life and get ready for spooky adventures, made even more engaging with new sounds and music that are sure to add further fun and interactivity to the gameplay experience.

Here are the three new LEGO Super Mario Luigi’s Mansion sets

In Luigi’s Mansion Laboratory and Poltergust – Expansion Pack, put on the Poltergust and attach a normal filler neck or the Strobulb accessory. Press the button to activate the Poltergust to capture the golden ghost and collect a coin reward from the machine in the lab. Don’t forget to have a chat with Professor E. Gadd and check the potions, but be careful not to get poisoned or you’ll need the antidote!

Explore Atrium of Luigi’s Mansion – Expansion Pack and make your way into the scary mansion, to creatively defeat Bogmire. Look for the golden bone to give to Polterpup and watch out for Boo!

Inside the set Luigi’s Mansion Ghost Hunt – Expansion Pack, players can create a level of hunting for gems, hidden throughout the set, and fighting ghosts with rotating corridors to explore. And for a thrilling experience, builders can connect all three new sets or build their own LEGO Luigi’s Mansion levels with other fun LEGO Super Mario sets and characters that will ignite the imagination and bring the play experience to life. a next level.

All new sets come with unique challenges, giving fans the chance to immerse themselves in the world of LEGO Super Mario with a touch of Luigi’s Mansion and play new storylines and challenges to collect as many coins as possible!

Three new LEGO Super Mario Luigi's Mansion sets are coming!

These three new products will be available from January 1, 2022 in the LEGO Stores, on the official LEGO website and at selected leading retailers around the world.

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