TIER Mobility announces the acquisition of Fantasmo

TIER Mobility annuncia l'acquisizione di Fantasmo per migliorare il sistema di parcheggio dei monopattini thumbnail

TIER Mobility announced the acquisition of Fantasmo, a company specializing in soil cartographic mapping. The goal of this acquisition is to develop the world’s most sophisticated electric scooter parking system. The acquisition of Fantasmo is the fourth transaction of this type carried out by TIER Mobility in the last few months.

TIER Mobility announces the acquisition of Fantasmo

The new collaboration between TIER and Fantasmo aims to provide users with the right technology to be able to use TIER-branded vehicles in the safest way possible, avoiding messy parking spaces. Fantasmo can offer technology Camera Positioning Standard CPS which is ten times more accurate than GPS systems for identifying the exact location. The margin of error is just 20 centimeters. TIER Mobility has already presented Fantasmo’s CPS in various European and Middle Eastern locations. In the future, TIER will also make available to users a new driver assistance technology that takes advantage of computer vision and CPS technology. Furthermore, the acquisition of Fantasmo involves the entire workforce of the company (approximately 1,200 employees) and also the company’s team of experts.

The company comment

Matthias Laug, Technical Director and co-founder of TIER, comments the operation as follows: “The acquisition of Fantasmo represents an important step forward for TIER that will contribute to making electric scooters more compliant and safer. From the start, we were extremely impressed with Fantasmo’s innovative positioning system which allows us to eliminate wild parking spaces, educate users and solve the concerns of city authorities.

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