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Tik Tok has been banned on Canada government devices

After the decision of the European Commission of ban the social Tik Tok from the government devices of its employees, the time has come for the decision of the Canada to move in the same direction. Chinese social media will also be banned from Canadian government mobile devices. We also recall that even some state governments of the United Statesi made the same decision.

Tik Tok Banned From Canada Government Mobile Devices. Here are the details

On the same day that the European Commission chose to remove Tik Tok from its employees’ government devices, Canadian privacy regulators announced they would investigated on Chinese social media and carry out the necessary checks.

Canada’s chief information officer has already determined who TikTok represents “an unacceptable level of risk to privacy and security”. Despite this, Canadian officials found no evidence that government data was compromised, so this was considered a precautionary measure.

“The decision to remove and block Tik Tok from government mobile devices was made as a precaution. Particularly given concerns about the legal regime governing information collected from mobile devices. It also aligns with the approach of our international partners,” the Canadian Treasury Board said. The president of the council Mona Fortiesi is expressed on the matter. “On a mobile device, Tik Tok’s data collection methods provide considerable access to phone content.”

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The response of the social network regarding the decision of the Canadian government

According to the Chinese social network, however, the Canadian government’s decision was completely affected according to what the European Commission and some US state governments have said. Because there is no specific security issue nor any willingness on Canada’s side to ask questions about it.

Tik Tok adds: “We are always available to meet with our government officials to discuss how we protect the privacy and security of Canadians. But labeling TikTok this way serves no purpose in achieving this shared goal.”

The ban on Tik Tok in some US governments

In December, the US House of Representatives banned the use of Tik Tok on any government device. Some members of Congress still have it, but presumably run it on separate devices from government ones.

State governments like those in Texas, Georgia, Maryland, South Carolina and others have enacted similar restrictions. In some cases, these prohibitions extend to state-funded university campuseswhere schools like the University of Texas, Auburn University, and the University of Oklahoma have banned the use of TikTok on campus Wi-Fi or school-owned devices.

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