Rakuten Kobo presents its proposals for Valentine’s Day!

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Rakuten Kobo, among the leading companies in the eReading sector has selected a series of proposals suitable for Valentine’s Day, here they are!

The approaching Valentine’s Day represents the perfect time to read or re-read an eBook with the hope of investigating, and trying to understand, the mystery that is love. With Rakuten Kobo, a leading company in the eReading sector, it is possible to celebrate all the nuances of love with a selection of books and devices for digital reading / listening.

As also demonstrated by the Book Report 2022, year after year Italians are increasingly rediscovering the love of reading (especially digital) – in 2022 there was a 62% increase in total reading time. So why not celebrate love by giving or treating yourself to an eBook that makes your heart beat?

With Rakuten Kobo the proposals are really many, between eBooks and audiobooks you’ll be spoiled for choice. And speaking of love, it is interesting to note that in the last year among the protagonists of reading we find a wide range of romance novels, perfect allies to celebrate this day of love!

Among the “romantic” titles, between pink and yellow notes, the most loved in the Kobo Plus ranking:

  • Franciacorta accident – ​​Rebecca Quasi
  • The Legacy of Saint James – Sarah Mathilde Callaway, edited by Alessandra Bazardi
  • On Velvet – Rebecca Quasi

Rakuten Kobo presents its proposals for Valentine's Day!

Rakuten Kobo presents its proposals for Valentine’s Day!

The subscription Kobo Plus, will then offer access to the brand’s extensive library, always updated! In fact, with the Subscription to the program “all-you-can-enjoy” the passion for reading will no longer have limits. 3 versions available:

  • Kobo Plus eBook: $9.99 per month
  • Kobo Plus eBook + Audio: $12.99 per month
  • Kobo Plus Audio: $9.99 per month

Con i device Rakuten Kobo you can always have a rich selection of books and audiobooks with you and enjoy features such as the ability to change the font sizeto use integrated dictionaries and translators, to write side notes or to underline, archive and save the most beautiful sentences.

Some last generation examples? With Rakuten Kobo there is a device for every need:

  • Kobo Clear 2E it is the ideal gift for the most environmentally conscious who like to choose the green path of sustainability. The latest arrival in the Kobo house is in fact a product made with 85% recycled plastic (a part of which is intercepted before ending up in the oceans) and boasts great news, in a small 6″ format. Upgraded HD E Ink Carta 1200 touchscreen with Dark Mode and ComfortLight PRO and 16GB of storage. With Bluetooth wireless technology for listening to audiobooks Kobo is waterproof to withstand the bathtub and unexpected splashes.
  • Elipsa blanket it’s a great solution for reading and writing enthusiasts, who like to make notes in the margins of books and highlight their favorite paragraphs. With a 10.3″ touchscreen thanks to the Stylus pen it will be possible to have the same feeling of handwriting, but on MyScript with 32GB of storage. It has a space for creating personal notebooks.
  • 2 Pound Coins, with 32GB of storage, a faster 7” E Ink screen and Bluetooth wireless technology for listening to Kobo audiobooks, it’s a great gift for even the fussiest and hardest to please. Packed with features and personality, Kobo Libra 2 has an ergonomic design that allows for a firm grip on the device and page turn buttons so you don’t interrupt your reading. It has landscape or portrait reading modes.
  • Kobo Sage is the most complete eReader ever, featuring all of Kobo’s features in a sleek package and Bluetooth wireless technology to listen to all the audiobooks available on Kobo Plus. Compatible with the Kobo Stylus, the digital pen to jot down anything you want, the 8″” HD E Ink Carta 1200 flush touch screen with superior performance shows high contrasts and no reflections. The ergonomic design and the ability to read horizontally and vertically make it suitable for any type of reading.

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