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Tik Tok: soon the possibility to go shopping directly from the app

Tik Tok and Instagram they have always been in competition, especially since some Instagram has decided to base its business on reels, which are nothing more than a characteristic element of Tok Tok. In addition to videos, however, both platforms offer much more, such as the shopping section. Instagram just blacked out its icon, and live shopping will soon be removed. Tok Tok, on the other hand, is working on introducing the possibility of shopping directly from the platform.

Tik Tok gives you the possibility to shop directly from the app

The ultimate video app has launched a payment function via app that allows brands to sell their products directly on the platform. This, for now, only negthe United States.

All the brands that will make the opportunity to purchase the products available will have it on their profile a bag icon. By clicking on it, it will be possible to view the catalog of products explained through videos, images, descriptions and obviously the prices. Users can add products from different stores while keeping the same cart, so you can pay for everything together.

It is hoped that things will be different from Instagram. This is because the Meta platform has already tried to keep the Shopping section going, but without success. That section will be removed completely and this action was anticipated by theelimination of Live Shoppingwhich allowed creators to tag products during live video.

There is no word on when Tik Tok will expand its shopping functionality to other places in the world. Will Instagram’s top competitor succeed where the Meta platform failed?

instagram reelsInstagram Reels vs TikTok concept. Facebook launches a new Instagram feature to compete agaisnt short video app TikTok. United States, August 06, 2020

Live shopping on Instagram will no longer be available

Instagram has let its users know that a feature will no longer be available. It’s about live shopping, but what exactly is it for? The platform empowers businesses and creators to tag products when they go live. The public thus has the opportunity to buy the products added to the video or at least save them.

The developers explained why they had to remove this feature. This change should help the social network channeling attention to the products and the video itself.

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