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Forcite MK1S review, the smart helmet

Do you remember the Forcite MK1S, the smart helmet that promises to revolutionize the world of two wheels? We told you about it at the end of November, at its debut in Europe: attractive design, HD camera with Sony sensor, bluetooth, integrated audio system for calls and music, but above all a integrated security system able to communicate any dangers or information on the route to the pilot in real time. On paper, the Australian product already seemed convincing, but to be sure, we decided to test it on our latest adventure in Sardinia.

The review of Forcite MK1S, the smart helmet

If you missed the previous installments, don’t panic.
We press the “rewind” button of our imaginary recorder and start from the base.
Forcite MK1S it is, as we have largely anticipated, a smart helmet, that is a helmet that in addition to protecting you includes a series of interesting features: speaker, dual microphone, navigator, video camera and integrated LED are flanked by a carbon finish and a unique shockproof construction.

Yes but… where do I start?
The first step is the configuration.
You download the Forcite app to your smartphone, sign up and go match both the case and the small triangular controllercontroller that you have to place on the handlebar and that allows you to manage music, phone calls, navigation and the camera.
The procedure only needs to be done once, at the beginning, after which the helmet and the controller will automatically connect via Bluetooth, without latency and waiting seconds.
However, the application is not only useful in this phase. It will actually allow you to monitor the condition of the helmet and above all of take advantage of the integrated navigator which allows you to have the indications directly inside the helmet, with the LED that will show you where and when to turn to get to your destination.

Forcite mk1s motorcycle helmet

Once setup is complete you will be ready to use your Forcite MK1S.
But how is it done? Well, the shape is the traditional one. It is light, compact and with the aforementioned carbon finish. Inside we find a preformed 3D paddingneck roll and extendable chin strap to create a tighter seal around the neck and premium anti-sweat materials.
“After many hours of driving it often happens that you end up with head or neck pain, but with Forcite MK1S this has never happened to me. – commented Jolta, the motorcyclist of our editorial team – It’s really comfortable. Furthermore fits snugly around the head and neck areausually the most discovered, and having used it in the winter this thing made the difference.“

To be very comfortable then it is the built-in LED, which Forcite calls the “display”.
You always have in front of you the directions for turning and warnings of heavy traffic on the route, obstacles or police patrols.

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Want to immortalize your prowess on the road? You can do it with the camera mounted in the chin, which uses a Sony IMX sensor to return video in Full HD a 30 o 60 fps.

“During the trip I often used the video camera to shoot the landscapes around me. To start recording just press the button dedicated on the controller and an automatic voice warns us that the recording has started. Same procedure to finish shooting. The quality of the video is good, for those who want to make vlogs or travel reports it is perfect because as soon as you want to immortalize something, a simple click is enough to start recording. I must say, however, that being the fixed and integrated video camera the view is limited to that of the driver’s POV”.

Forcites img Sardinia

Forcite article cover

Promoted to full battery: “I really drove for many hours but I always managed to get back to base without completely running out of helmet battery. I used it for an average amount: navigation with indications on the LED screen, very light music in the background, a few calls and spot video shooting based on the moment I liked best. I’ve never been abandoned on the street with an unloaded helmet. Then in the evening when I returned I put it on charge and the next day it was immediately ready for a new adventure”

What is missing in this helmet? The possibility of connecting it to another similar helmet or to other external devices mounted on other helmets, so as to facilitate communication with travel companions.

The Forcite MK1S review: conclusions

Forcite helmet worn

Forcite MK1S it is undoubtedly an excellent product and an excellent signal for this sector which sees the number of smart accessories dedicated to two wheels constantly growing, accessories which aim to facilitate driving and make it more pleasant, without taking away from the pleasure of whizzing along the roads.

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