TikTok 2022: top trends, best creators and most viewed content of the year

Una nuova funzionalità di TikTok permette di acquistare biglietti per concerti ed eventi thumbnail

December is also the month of annual budgets for TikTok, which in this 2022 has not failed to give us trends, viral videos and rather bizarre content. The platform has shared data relating to its year globally, with a series of rankings that summarize the top profiles and trends of 2022. And from the very first glance we notice a little surprise, a piece of Italy: Samantha Cristoforetti is among TikTok’s Top 5 Celebrities of 2022.

All that glitters is not gold though. TikTok’s 2022 proved to be less than 2021, at least in terms of numbers. The most viewed content this year was significantly lower than last year. Having done this due precisely, let’s find out the seven rankings that summarize the last 12 months of TikTok.

Top TikTok trends, profiles and celebrities in 2022

Top Video

1) I life hacks di @Ox_zung

2) Pop star @rosalia shows us her life to the rhythm of chewing gum

3) @lav_sings sings and shows us his family’s reactions

4) @robertiwin saves a blue-tongued lizard

5) The joy of @thammachad receiving several TikTok awards


You can do it everyone ❤️🙏🏻 For over 2 years in making a TikTok channel. It has proven itself in many, many things until today, September 17, 2022, on the night of the event. #tiktokawards2022th Thammachad channel has finally received the Creator of the year award. It’s so happy that I can’t tell. Thank you for all the support and push for this little girl. I promise to do better and never stop developing myself. Of course, I love nature. #Khun Audience

♬ Original sound – THAMMACHAD – THAMMACHAD

Top creators and celebrities

  • @badbunny – The Puerto Rican artist, after dominating the Spotify charts, is also rampant on TikTok.
  • @luvadepedreiro – A Brazilian created content that publishes videos about football being played.
  • @bayashi.tiktok – A Japanese chef who takes followers by the throat.
  • @dylanmulvaney – Trans actress and activist who uses TikTok to raise awareness of inclusiveness.
  • @astrosamantha – Our Samantha Cristoforetti, who just this year was the first European woman to head the International Space Station (and she showed it to us on TikTok).
  • Canzoni trend del 2022 su TikTok

    Top 5 popular trends and tutorials

    1) Anyone want a corndog?

    2) A cute video on how to get the attention of a deaf parent

    3) Let’s learn Inuit facial expressions

    4) Let’s create mugs with (fake) animals inside them!

    5) Who doesn’t like tallow cake?

    Top Trend 2022 on TikTok

    1) It’s Corn!

    2) Jiggle Jiggle!

    3) Artistic looks

    4) The many vicissitudes of a nurse

    5) The “Waves” filter

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