Horizon Forbidden West: soon the release of the DLC?

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According to recent rumors, the release date of the DLC of Horizon Forbidden West, the famous open world action video game developed by Guerrilla Games, could soon be revealed

Following a recent leak it would seem that we will soon be able to see a reveal on the release date of the DLC dedicated to Horizon Forbidden Westby title “Burning Shores“. Apparently an insider, which we will talk about shortly, has made some revelations about the video game in question.

Horizon Forbidden West, the release of the DLC “Burning Shores” would be close

Sony hasn’t consistently pursued a single post-launch avenue for all of its video games, and while some of its flagship first-party titles have received DLC and expansions relatively soon after release, some did not and it took longer. Horizon Forbidden Westlaunched earlier this year, appears to be one of them.

A fairly well known insider, The Snitchrecently posted a tongue-in-cheek tease on Twitter about an upcoming announcement showing a map of Horizon Forbidden West with Las Vegas, San Francisco, and Los Angeles having a typical form of an overlapping “focus”. Whether it’s something related to the release of the DLC?

According to the well-known Tom Henderson it could just mean this, and the post in question could indicate the reveal of the release of the DLC from Horizon Forbidden Westtitled precisely “Burning Shores”. In fact, the expansion could be set in the same region, extending the area in which the base game takes place towards the south. In fact, this area, in the videogame, is known as “Burning Shores” and is mentioned by various characters on several occasions.

Horizon Forbidden West: soon the release of the DLC?

Again according to the good Henderson, Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores could be announced soon, and therefore the release date of the DLC. Although nothing certain is on the horizon, it is likely that Guerrilla Games and Sony intend to unveil the expansion in the next The Game Awardswhich we have already talked about in this article.

Il DLC Hozizon Forbidden West: Burning Shoresaccording to these claims, could then see its way out towards April 2023, but we would like to remind readers that these are still rumors and currently unconfirmed rumors. Although followed by further indications received in recent months, which reported the release of post-launch content.

We just have to wait for further news on the matter and stay updated on the TechGameWorld.com pages. In the meantime if you are interested you can read our review of Horizon Forbidden West at this link, and don’t forget to go to Instant Gaming, where you can buy a game at a decidedly discounted price.

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