TikTok adds new editing tools

L'App di TikTok aggiunge contenuti informativi sull'Olocausto thumbnail

As announced a few days ago, the TikTok is introducing “a range of advanced authoring and editing tools” to offer its users one greater creative freedom. A series of options that will be “available in the United States and in most regions of the world“. Let’s go and see what it is.

App TikTokCredits: TikTok

TikTok: App adds new tools to create and edit content

The TikTok App is launching new tools that allow users to “easily adjust clips, sounds, images and text in a new editing environment, all within the TikTok creation flow”. In particular, these new options allow you to:

  • video clip editingthat is, combine them, cut them out and divide them between them
  • change the soundsthat is, cut them, trim them and set their duration
  • edit and position the text within a video
  • overlap photos and videos for a picture-in-picture or video-in-video effect
  • adjust the speed of the videosslowing down or speeding up the pace at your convenience
  • place content on the screen
  • add sound effects.

To these tools is added the real novelty of the TikTok App: Photo Mode, “A new carousel format on mobile devices”. This option allows users to share “a post of still images that automatically appear sequentially and that viewers can browse at their own pace”. An incredibly interesting novelty, which comes just as Instagram is doing everything to look like TikTok. In this way, the Chinese social network hopes to attract the users they want share high quality images with their followers and failing to meet this need elsewhere. Will he succeed? We will find out.