CAKE’s electric motorcycles arrive on the Italian market

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CAKE is a leading company in the sector of electric motorcycles, combining light and high quality solutions. The company announced this week the debut on the Italian market with the opening of a first pop-up store in Milan. This is only the first step in a broader and more ambitious expansion program. Over the next few years, in fact, CAKE aims to become a reference in the electric motorcycle sector. Here are the full details:

CAKE’s electric motorcycles arrive in Italy with the pop-up store in Milan

Il first step of the expansion of CAKE in Italy it materializes with the opening of the pop-up store in Milan. The store is located in Via Tortona 19 and represents the official debut on the Italian market for the brand that provides a showroom, a service center and a fleet of motorcycles to be used for test drives by users. CAKE intends to make available to users a series of solutions able to satisfy the new mobility needs, following the new trend of the Italian market that pushes towards the electric also for the two-wheeler sector.

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Stefan Ytterborn, CAKE founder and CEO, comments: “The presence of our stores around the world is becoming more and more intense and is in line with a strategy that envisages treating large cities as real markets in their own right. The change of approach towards a growing use of sustainable means of transport is happening rapidly, with an increasing number of both companies and commuter workers who every day realize how CAKE motorcycles can simplify travel and transform it into an experience. more pleasant”.