TikTok and the automotive industry, the success of brands among creators

TikTok e l'automotive, il successo di una community di brand, tra creator e consumatori thumbnail

Il success Of TikTok in the world ofautomotive created by community Of brand, creator e consumers.

TikTok and the automotive industry, the success of a brand community, between creators and consumers

The automotive industry sheds its skin

The automotive industry is changing dramatically. There technology and digital are the fulcrum of this evolution.

The main changes concern the sustainability with the rise of electric vehicles. The spread of ride sharing That changes attitudes towards vehicle ownership and mobility.

The connection and autonomy as basic functions. These favor the transition to ever smarter vehicles. Thus transforming the driving experience.

Finally the buying behavior thus the traditional retail model is turned upside down.

Consumers no longer go to a dealership to buy a car. They are increasingly turning to digital shopping and online selling models.

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A community interested in making eco-conscious choices

Sustainability and eco-conscious behavior of people are an important element considered in the platform and car brands have the opportunity to generate inspiration and responsible purchasing. L’86% of TikTok users have taken an action after seeing content related to sustainability. L’89% of TikTok users agree the importance of sustainability when choosing a car brand.

The key role of creators in generating a sense of belonging for the community and credibility for brands

In an age where trust in brands is in short supply, it’s time to rethink how to foster credibility. THE creators on TikTok have great power in this respectas they convey the personality of the community, creating a bond and trust that brands alone struggle to achieve. 1 person his 2 in fact, on TikTok he tends to trust more than a brand that collaborates with the creators.

TikTok and the automotive industry, the success of a brand community, between creators and consumersTikTok and the automotive industry, the success of a brand community, between creators and consumers

After the pandemic, the role of communities has become increasingly fundamental as well as creation a sense of belonging has become essential for brands. The 60% in fact, some people feel a strong sense of community on the platform. They contribute to the growth of the car community on TikTok, through content that inspires, informs and entertains, such as test drives, recommendations on newly presented and trendy cars, creator @andreapirillo.22, @ildeutsch e  @fjonacakalli.

The search for premium brands and experiences grows in the platform

L’hashtag #LuxuryLife has grown 376% in the past 12 monthsa figure that also translates into actions on the platform, in fact the 53% of people on TikTok buy new products more often as a result of content consumed on the platform. Premium cars are highly appreciated on the platform: #LuxuryAuto, in fact, reached 509 million searches in the last six months.

Whether it’s converting consumers into test-drive reservations, launching a new car, or building brand awareness and shifting perceptions, TikTok can be the canvas for creating rich and diverse content and bringing an emotional connection with a new generation of car buyers. And that’s what has been done since FerrariThat on the official TikTok account, he shares unpublished content such as backstage or the point of view of the drivers, allowing people to feel part of the entire Ferrari ecosystem.

Another relevant example is Lotus Cars which has passed by 0 to 2.3 million followers by creating content native to the platform and mixing trending topics with current events. She has become a great connoisseur and promoter of memes by mixing trendy native videos, with professional videos that enhance cars.

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