Il trend della cicatrice francese su TikTok: perché dovremmo preoccuparci thumbnail

TikTok as Onlyfans: paid videos are coming

TikTok like Onlyfans: thumbnail paid videos are coming

Social Platforms Premium plans are also engaging TikTok, which has also launched its new paid options in Italy. This is the controversial feature Serie That, halfway between Twitter Blue and OnlyFans, will allow creators to post longform videos (up to 20 minutes long) and place them behind paywalls. This means that users who want to view them will have to pay an amount established by the creator himself.

Serie was launched today in the United States as in Italy, and aims to enhance the work of content creators. These will therefore have a direct income from users.

How it works TikTok series: Paid videos up to $190

How Serie works is relatively simple: creators will be able to upload videos of up to 20 minutes and collect them in playlists (called precisely Series). Access to each individual Series (which may contain a total of 80 videos) will be behind a paywall, with the price set by the creator himself. TikTok only sets a minimum and an upper limit: ranging from $1 to $190 per Series. Users, to view the videos, will obviously have to pay the established price, as happens on OnlyFans.

TikTok has promised that, at least in the initial phase, 100% of the proceeds will go to the creators. It is unclear whether this percentage is likely to decrease thereafter.

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