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TikTok, longer videos up to 15 minutes

TikTok has launched another innovation regarding the duration of its videos. According to what was stated on the social networks of the tech expert, Matt Navarra, the short video platform changes and introduces something new: the videos can last up to 15 minutes.

TikTok videos will last up to 15 minutes – the pros

Some time ago, TikTok announced the launch of a video limit of up to 10 minutes. Now, this limit is moved a little further, up to 15 minutes. For now, it seems to be about a test that only affects some selected accounts of the social platform. If it receives positive responses, the ability to upload videos of up to 15 minutes will be extended to everyone worldwide.

The change in the length of videos which reaches up to 15 minutes is seen very positively by TikTok users. Why? This innovation allows you to take advantage of longer videos and insert a greater number of advertisements and consequently increase the earnings.

TikTok videos will last up to 15 minutes: the cons

In reality, the fact that a video on the Chinese social network can last 15 minutes, or that much, could make users turn up their noses. If on the one hand content creators have the opportunity to express themselves more, on the other those who “suffer” i such long content risks of not appreciating them enough. Especially because we are talking about TikTok, a social network created for the presence of short content with immediate usability.

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Other TikTok changes

TikTok is trying to reduce the spread of content that promotes unhealthy eating. “We are making this change, in consultation with eating disorder experts, researchers and clinicians, because we understand that people can struggle with unhealthy eating patterns and behaviors without having an eating disorder diagnosis.”

So TikTok announced that it will start removing all of those content that promotes intermittent fasting, or intensive training. Likewise, it seems that it will deal with content that promotes suicide in a completely new way. And he will try to manage it as best as possible dangerous question of challenges. Indeed, in addition to adding more details to the online challenges policy, the TikTok App will release a series of videos in which creators will explain to users how to evaluate the content they come across.

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