Tineco FLOOR ONE S7 Steam and its 3-in-1 Steam features

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Tineco, the company specializing in smart appliances, introduces its latest innovation: the new model of cordless steam mop FLOOR ONE S7 Steam

Tineco’s latest product is the FLOOR ONE S7, a advanced version of the previous FLOOR ONE S5 Steam model, which required a cable. The FLOOR ONE S7 is a 3-in-1 device capable of satisfying the needs of users of various categories, as it vacuums, washes and uses steam to eliminate the most persistent stains.

Tineco FLOOR ONE S7 Steam and its 3-in-1 Steam features

FLOOR ONE S7 by Tineco: 3-in-1 Wireless

Il Tineco FLOOR ONE S7 Steam exploit the HyperSteam technology to remove all types of stains, from the easiest to clean to the most stubborn. With the ability to reach temperatures of 140°Cthis device dissolves dirtwhich is subsequently eliminated thanks to the combined action of the water and the Tineco roller.

Il FLOOR ONE S7 Steam offre two steam cleaning modes (Steam e Boost Steam) and is able to effectively eliminate 99.9% of bacteria present on domestic surfaces.

This new product from Tineco integrates well-established technologies of the brand, like the iLoop sensorwhich adjusts the power based on the type and quantity of dirt on the floor, and the tecnologia MHCBSwhich recycles dirty water efficiently.

With a rotation speed of the roller 450 rpm and a scraper near the roller itself, MHCBS technology guarantees a complete cleaning without dirt residues. Like all Tineco devices, the FLOOR ONE S7 Steam features a voice assistant that communicates with the user throughout the cleaning process.

The Tineco FLOOR ONE S7 Steam offers a battery life of 40 minutes in Auto and Vacuum modes, e 20 minutes in Steam and Steam Boost modes. The new batteries with pouch cells ensure greater durability and safety.

These pouch batteries offer three times the lifespan of traditional batteries, setting new standards in the industry. The pouch cells guarantee constant and reliable performance, maintaining low temperatures.

Thanks to one improved edge cleaningthe floor cleaner reaches every corner of the house, avoiding the accumulation of dirt in the most hidden corners.

Il Tineco FLOOR ONE S7 Steam will be available starting October 31st on the official Tineco website and on Amazon, al recommended price of 699 euros.

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