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TikTok opens to games

Interesting news coming from the TikTok. According to a recent report by the Financial Times, the Chinese social network is about to launch one mobile games section, so as to allow users to have fun between viewing one video and another. Apparently, the App will introduce advertisements within the games and will allow users to purchase additional content. A well-planned project is evident.

TikTok: App will add a mobile games section

As far as we know, TikTok started testing games on the App as early as May. And, again according to the Financial Times, moderators in Europe should have tried the games before launch. But now, finally, that moment may have come. The next November 2on the occasion of its “first global gaming event”, we could see the launch of the project with the slogan “TikTok Made Me Play It“.

“The future of gaming is here – and it’s happening on TikTok. Major publishers are launching games on our platform as culturally relevant entertainment properties, building communities and inspiring a wider entertainment audience to discover and play their games, ”reads the event description. In short, the novelty would seem quite official: the TikTok App opens to mobile games. And it does so despite the fact that its competitors have not been very successful in the past.

Snapchat launched a games section in 2019, to announce that it would close the project in August of the same year. And Facebook will close its gaming platform on Friday 28 October. At this point, it only remains Netflix, which recently said it will double and push its cloud gaming efforts, and is committed to launching new games. It seems clear, then, that TikTok will have to contend with the streaming platform.

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