I video Shorts di YouTube avranno finalmente delle sezioni dedicate thumbnail

YouTube Shorts videos will finally have a dedicated section

YouTube Shorts videos will finally have dedicated thumbnail sections

YouTube is updating its website and app so that Shorts, Live Streams, and Regular Videos each have their own sections on creator channels. The company said this change is a direct response to numerous user feedback. According to YouTube, the update “will make it easier for viewers to discover different content when they explore a creator’s channel page.”

Going to a channel before the update, a generic “Video” section was shown showing all user content, without distinction between the different formats. The new update now assigns each content type to its own section. The update started yesterday – October 27th – and should reach more and more users in the coming weeks.

YouTube: specific sections for Shorts, live and video

The new YouTube update definitely arrives to bring order to creator channels. From the point of view of users, it has its positives and its negatives. The advantage is that now you will no longer have to witness format changes between horizontal, vertical, shorts and live videos. On the other hand, there is the fact that the division into sections is certainly inconvenient for those who want to see all the contents of a channel, without having to navigate between different areas.

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