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TikTok tests subscriptions in Twitch style

Interesting news from the TikTok App, which has just announced the “Live Subscription“, A program that allows users to make a paid subscription to the streamers they wish to support. As it turns out, subscribers will have access to exclusive perks like one confidential chat, emoticon del creator and a distinctive badge. In short, a complete and structured program, which will be launched in beta version next May 26th.

Live Subscription: TikTok tries Twitch-style subscriptions

A video shared on the TikTok Live Creator page reports the announcement of the launch of the beta version of the “Live Subscription” program. For the occasion, many creators have shared videos announcing that they will participate in the program, and have anticipated the benefits to their followers. And while custom stickers to be used to comment on live streams and subscriber-only chats are among the most interesting news for users, some creators said they were thrilled to have “a predictable monthly income”.

Up until now, monetizing on TikTok hasn’t been that easy for all creators. But signing up for a subscription to access exclusive content by users will undoubtedly facilitate the earnings of creators, who will thus be able to receive almost a monthly salary. In this sense, therefore, the program can be very familiar to Twitch users. And with good reason. TechCrunch itself has announced that the price of TikTok Live subscriptions will be “comparable” to Twitch packages, which start at $ 4.99 per month.

However, there are some conditions set by the platform for a creator to take advantage of the “Live Subscription” option. First of all, it will be necessary be at least 18 years old to offer or purchase a paid subscription. And only the creator with at least 1000 followers will actually be able to offer a paid subscription. For now, however, the beta version will be by invitation only. But if things go well, we are confident that TikTok will not hesitate to expand the program to as many creators as possible.

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