Windows 11 Preview 25120: new Microsoft content

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The Microsoft company has released, for now on the Dev channel, the new Windows 11 Preview 25120 with interactive desktop content

Microsoftthe multinational information technology company based in Redmond, Washington, created by Bill Gates and Paul Allen (here for more information), has released Windows 11 Preview 25120. This new build is available, for now, for the Dev channel.

Anteprima | Windows 11 Preview 25120

Microsoft just announced a new one Windows 11 preview build for users subscribed to the Dev channel of the Windows Insider Program. Windows 11 build 25120 includes major changes, as it includes support for interactive desktop content. Precisely, it is a kind of integration desktop widgetwith Microsoft now implementing a search box you have directly on the desktop to quickly search on the Web.

Windows 11 Preview 25120: new Microsoft content

Statements | Windows 11 Preview 25120

Microsoft stated that:

Windows insiders who use Dev Channel they can try out new ideas, longer features, and experiences that are meant to help validate concepts. Starting with this preview build, some insiders will see one of these conceptual features as we begin to explore the display of lightweight interactive content on the desktop of Windows. Today Windows exposes this type of content in the widget board. To begin evaluating this general idea and pattern of interaction, the first exploration in this area adds a search box displayed on the desktop that allows you to search the web.

Of course this new feature is still in its infancy, so for now only the search box can be placed on the desktop.

Most likely “widgetMore similar will make their way to the desktop in the next few build.

Microsoft, however, has explained to users that they can still disable this feature. It also encourages everyone to post feedback to help further refine the experience in this one early stage of development.

If you want to remove this search box, you can right-click on the desktop, choose Show more options and activate the option Show search. We are excited to learn your feedback on this interaction model, so use the Feedback Hub to provide feedback if you receive this experiment.

the company said in the release notes of the new one build.

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