TikTok: the nostalgia effect is the protagonist of the new trends

TikTok: l'effetto nostalgia è protagonista dei nuovi trend thumbnail

TikTok continues to grow and, taking advantage of thenostalgia effect, is bringing old vintage brands and technologies back into fashion. These new trends are becoming more and more relevant among the users of the social network and the application algorithm seems to want to support these trends. Brands, objects and habits of the pre-social era are back on top thanks to the rich and articulated TikTok community.

Nostalgia drives the new trends of TikTok

TikTok users are going viral, with posts and likes, some trends of the pre social era. It is a growing phenomenon involving historical brands, such as Gap and Abercrombie and Fitch, women’s fashion and even obsolete technology. The pre-social era is becoming an important reference for the app community and a lot of new content following this new trend.

The retro tech attracts users

The retro technology is more and more trendy, even on TikTok. The world of music, with vinyls, and the world of gaming, including old consoles, retro gaming and remasters, driving this evolution that is involving a large number of users.

These new trends that have emerged on TikTok may also involve the rest of the social sphere and, more generally, the world of the Internet. Many mass market shops aim to attract users by creating real “TikTok” sections. The role of social media in defining the main market trends becomes increasingly relevant.

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