And so you want to be a YouTuber, it’s the right year!

2021 seems to be the right year to be a YouTuber. Let’s find out together why it is the right time to start

Year of grace 2021, the world is moving forward in ever more “particular” ways, this above all because of the pandemic, but also because with the advancement of Web 2.0, more and more jobs have been created that can be done comfortably from home.

And so you want to be a YouTuber, it’s the right year!

With this we do not want to refer to those classic fraudulent job advertisements which, promising to be able to work anywhere or simply from home, turn out to be little more than a sort of call center, buzz marketing or pyramid marketing. In short, to put it mildly, it’s not about those “Today I’m really euphoric”.

Works like the copywriter, the ghostwriter, the content creator, the social media manager, it streamer and other various Englishisms are therefore added to the more classic professions with the equally classic eight hours of daily work to which additional time is added such as the lunch break or the journey that needs to be taken to do home work and vice versa at the end of the day .

In all this a site that is going more and more for anyone who wants to demonstrate to the world their skills, their ideas and their originality is always YouTube although it must be said that Twitch is giving him not a little “hard time”.

The social network viola, in fact, it is the real ruler of live shows and has seen an unparalleled growth, like the “competitor rosso”, Especially during the hard months that characterized the lockdown.

Surely all of you, at least once in your life, have thought of such a thing “I almost do it too, but how to increase YouTube views?”. A more than legitimate question that the young man certainly asked himself PewDiePie with a channel that has around 110 million subscribers, thousands upon thousands of views every day and more than 4,000 videos. Yes, in short, big numbers!

First of all you can buy views, comments, likes and even dislikes, but it must be said that there is no real “magic formula” that allows us to achieve, in a relatively short period of time, the much desired success on the video platform par excellence.

What is really needed it is an initial idea therefore it is necessary to carefully choose which type of channel to create and pursue along that path by analyzing the main competitors, proposing innovative content, also providing a certain quality of both video and sound and then building a solid fan base also through a targeted use of the main social networks such as Instagram or Facebook.

So, if you want to create a channel of reactions, gameplay, various reviews or music, the real advice is to commit and try to carefully use every free moment possible. towards the creation of a content that can please a wide audience.

Also, never forget that one cooperation and some sponsorship, at times, they can really make a difference to a channel’s growth. The rest is up to you, your imagination and your tenacity, ergo, never give up! It may seem trivial, but if you think about it, this is the solid base from which to launch.

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