Tile introduce un sistema anti stalking per i suoi dispositivi simile a quello di Apple thumbnail

Tile introduces an anti-stalking system for its devices

Tile introduces an anti-stalking system for its devices similar to that of Apple thumbnail

Tile introduced a anti-stalking function for its tracking devices following the example of what has been done by Apple with his AirTag. This feature introduced by the company, which has been on the tracking systems market for about 10 years, allows users to check if any Tile devices have been placed to track a particular user.

Tile follows Apple and introduces an anti-stalking system for its devices

To carry out the verification it is sufficient to rely on an application. The app made available by Tile performs a area scan in order to check for the presence of unknown devices in the area where the user is located. This is a system that allows you to identify the presence of tracking devices and, therefore, prevent the use of such devices for stalking purposes.

How the system works

Using this feature is simple. As with Apple’s AirTags, in fact, the system provided by Tile allows the user to use an app (iOS or Android) to scan the area. The application can also be used without having a Tile account available. To scan, you need to activate the function manually. It takes about 10 minutes to complete the search. Note that Tile devices are able to detect the Bluetooth signal even over long distances (up to 120 meters with Tile Pro). The scan therefore makes it possible to verify the presence of these devices in a particularly large area.

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