Tim Cook mentions the arrival of Apple’s AR headset

Tim Cook accenna all'arrivo del visore AR di Apple thumbnail

In a recent interview, Tim Cook when ingolosito is a fan Apple hinting at the arrival of a AR and VR viewer. The CEO said we will soon be able to see what Cupertino has to offer in terms of mixed reality.

Tim Cook intrigues Apple fans, the upcoming AR and VR headset

During an interview like China Daily, Tim Cook answered several questions from reporters from the Chinese state newspaper. And when it was time to talk about AR and VRthe CEO surprised everyone, unbuttoning himself more than he did in the recent past.

In fact he said of “stay connected and see what we have to offer“. A clear sign that Apple obviously has something to offer. If in fact there is the remote possibility that he was simply referring to the ARKit for iPhone, it seems a confirmation that a Apple’s viewer is coming.

In another part of the interview, Cook explains di “can’t be more excited” reI watch the arrival of augmented reality. But it also explains that the technology is still “really in the early stages” of its development. In the past, the CEO has said that he is the first fan of the technology, which will be fundamental to Apple’s future. But until today Cook had not yet admitted that Apple was preparing a device for AR.

However, the rumors have continued for months, with many experts thinking that Apple may announce the technology by the end of the year, and then launch on the market a own AR headset in early 2023.

But Apple notoriously changes announcement dates even at the last minute, so thinking that Cook’s admission can confirm a launch date isn’t credible. We will have to wait a little longer. But the arrival of the Apple viewer is getting closer and closer.

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