TIM, from 12 to 18 months for the single network project

TIM, dai 12 ai 18 mesi per il progetto rete unica thumbnail

According to the CEO of TIM, Pietro Labriola, it will take another year or a year and a half to complete the project on the single network. After signing the agreement with Open Fiber, it will take time to manage the changes at the company level. But the CEO aims to finish them quickly.

TIM’s Labriola, another 12.28 months for the single network project

“It is likely that the project on the single network it will be completed in 12-18 months. My perception is that there is an interest in verifying quickly enough whether the path is feasible “. The CEO of the TIM group is optimistic, discussing the issue at Trento Economy Festival.

To complete the project, TIM will separate the division that deals with the network and the one that manages the relationship with consumers. There will be a TIM that sells services, while connectivity will be integrated into the single Open Fiber network managed by CDP Equity. “The eventual separation of Tim’s retail operations from the infrastructure we will not call dismantling the company but it is a careful analysis of different business models that we have inside to make the most of them “.

Asked about the position of Vivendi, the company’s first shareholder, Labriola explains: “I have to listen to all the shareholders and summarize in the interest of all the shareholders. When we have all the numbers and evaluations we will be able to understand the value we can express but, I repeat, the important thing is to make the most of all company assets in the interest of all shareholders “.

Speaking of the company’s debt, in relation to a possible corporate separation, he clarified that “” if you look at the numbers, over the years it goes up and down but always returns the same. Instead, if we look at the prospects, there is an increase in investments. We have to put the company in a position to be sustainable in the long term. And there is no interest in creating a badco and a goodco. It is an industrial project, has financial values ​​and must lead to debt reduction ”.

The journalists present also asked about the possibility of closing the partnership with Dazn for Serie A, with the CEO responding with a sharp “No”.

Big changes are on the horizon for TIM, with the final decision on the single network project that must arrive shortly. An important decision for the future of connectivity in Italy. We will keep you informed.