BMW iX Flow changes color with the power of thought

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Al CES 2022 BMW he presented iX Flow with E Ink, a car capable of change color with the push of a simple button. But that wasn’t enough. Because the patrons of the BMW Group’s rad ° hub in Munich were able to experience even more extraordinary (technological) magic. BMW iX Flow not only changes color, it does so with the power of thought.

Neurotechnology: BMW iX Flow changes color with thought.

IX Flow’s technology has already made great strides since CES in January. As he explains Stella Clarke, project manager: “Previously, color changes only happened with a smooth transition. Now, the control electronics have been fine-tuned egr allow instant transformationswith an even more surprising visual effect “.

But on May 12-13 in Munich there was an even more surprising news. The startup brainboost from Munich made it possible to connect BMW iX Flow directly to the participants’ brainsthe. All with a electroencephalogram (EEG) capable of recording the celebrating activity of the patrons of the fair.

“The color models of the BMW iX Flow react to brain activity and reflect its activity level,” he explains Philip Heiler, CEO of brainboost. “One once the brain is at rest, the pattern changes on the iX Flow also become calmer and more regular ”.

With the help of the brainboost experts and the neurofeedback received via the iX Flow, users changed the color of the car using only thought, calming down and managing the procedure. The electrical impulse then stimulated the film ccontaining millions of color capsules. The negatively charged white pigments or the positively charged black pigments collect on the surface under the electrical impulse, thus changing the external color.

The application of brainboost machines will not have a commercial implication: an electroencephalogram is not the most convenient of the tools to initiate the color change. But this collaboration has also made it possible to raise awareness on the issue of mental health.

Find out more about BMW iX Flow here.

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