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TIM joins the MIB ESG index

TIM joins the new MIB ESG index launched by Euronext and Borsa Italiana. This index is dedicated to blue chip companies listed in Italy that adopt best practices in the social, environmental and governance fields. Entry into the new ESG index falls within the scope of the company’s 2021-2023 Strategic Plan, revealed last January.

TIM joins the MIB ESG index and carries out its 2021-2023 Strategic Plan

By entering the MIB ESG index, TIM is aiming for ambitious goals for the future. The company has, in fact, thegoal of becoming carbon neutral in 2030. Furthermore, by 2025, TIM will use energy exclusively from renewable sources. In this way, indirect emissions will be eliminated.

Also noteworthy is a strengthening of sustainability governance. TIM can, in fact, count on an internal sustainability committee, chaired by Salvatore Rossi, which aims to accelerate the implementation of the company’s ESG commitments. It should also be noted that TIM’s plan also provides for the development of technologies and projects in line with ESG principles.

The company focuses on technological innovation

As far as technological innovation is concerned, the project of Noovle, (Group Benefit Company) and solutions for the development of smart cities and smart agriculture. Meanwhile, the company aims to support projects such as 4Weeks 4Inclusion and Digital Risorgimento Operation with the aim of supporting culture and inclusion as well as the growth of digital skills.

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