Pokémon Arceus legends: the latest trailer for the game is “disturbing”

The latest trailer for Pokémon Arceus Legends breaks with the tradition of the brand by taking on decidedly sinister colors, let’s see it together

You probably know: the pre-launch marketing of Pokemon titles never upset the serene and carefree image of Nintendo’s creatures and tends to follow a very specific style and formula, well-established over long decades in a fairly appropriate way. The Pokemon Company is instead taking a different approach with its next flagship title, namely, Arceus Pokémon Legends, to prove it in an almost irrefutable way is the “sinister” trailer released just in the last few hours (to view it just click on the player that we propose below). Let’s see all the details about it in the next lines of this article.

Pokémon Arceus legends: what is the pokémon mentioned in the latest trailer?

A teaser trailer from Arceus Pokémon Legends just released (which does not show the actual gameplay) shows through an unusual series of footage found who knows where a man exploring the snow-covered wastes of the region of Hisui. The man, whose only rumor is heard, first encounters a pack of wild Snorunts and, then, a Pokemon that is supposed to look like Growlithe O Vulpix before being brutally assaulted by it. Or so it seems.

Obviously, given the Pokemon Legends: Arceus period setting, one wonders how this person is recording footage. Maybe he is using theArceus Phone, the anachronistic smartphone-like device with an Arceus-shaped cover that was recently shown by The Pokémon Company? More importantly, one wonders what the purpose of this teaser is – will we see a full trailer soon? There is hope. Maybe, given the sinister tones of this video, another one will follow on the day of Halloween, maybe.

For now, part of the videogame community has speculated that the mysterious pokémon mentioned by the man in the video is Floor O Crazy, creatures capable of evoking distressing illusions and endowed with canine features. As for the game in question, it seems that it will not fully adopt the structural formula of the open world, more details about it here. If you are a lover of the world of Nintendo and Game Freak monsters, we recommend reading our special on the best features of each generation.

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